Andy Kind is the evangelist at Redeemer King. In this blog series Andy shares his weekly adventures sharing the gospel.

I’ve been in Chesterfield for a week and I’ve really enjoyed it – the people are nice and there’s a Dunelm Mill minutes from my house. Location, location, location.


I’m working two days a week for Redeemer King as an evangelist. Evangelist is a word that is completely alien to lots of people, but it basically means telling people good news – about who God is, who they are, and what life can be in its fullness.


There’s a whole range of things I want to do sharing the Gospel in Chez. I won’t be standing on a soap box shouting at people and I won’t be wearing sandals, but aside from that everything’s fair game. And I’ll learn by doing – getting it wrong, making mistakes, not being afraid. Sharing God’s love is about His perfection, not ours. He wants our availability more than our natural ability.


I thought I’d start as I mean to go on, so on Monday I just headed into town and wandered around in the hope of making some friends. I went into a shop and felt the Lord give me a word about the guy working there – that he had ‘charisma’. Charismatic in Greek means ‘movement of Grace’ so it’s not just about being a smooth-talker. I shared this word with him, and he told me he goes to a church nearby. We had a nice chat and I left.


Almost immediately I saw a guy handing out McDonalds flyers. People were ignoring him and walking past so I thought I’d just go up and encourage him. Before I opened my mouth, he said, ‘Hi Andy, I was at that gig you did in Brimington recently.’ Turns out he goes to Ikon church and wants to be a pastor. We had a nice chat, a little pray and off I went. It was pretty weird that the first two people I’d spoken to were already Christians – statistically, you just don’t expect that.


Talking to people makes me hungry so I went for lunch in Pamcakes, which bizarrely and crushingly doesn’t serve pancakes – absolute gutter! At this point I was already wondering if Chesterfield had any non-Christian people and whether I’d come here on false pretences. However, there was a sweet retired lady sitting on her own behind me and I felt prompted to pay for her lunch. I asked if I could and she looked touched by the gesture and let me. I gave her a little hug and said, ‘Jesus loves you.’


‘Oh yes, I know that!’ she responded. And not in a I-used-to-go-to-church-and-I’ve-been-told-about-religion sort of way – I could tell by the light in her eyes that she really did know how loved she was. I was furious and almost asked for my £7 back!
I texted Carl as I left the café to say: ‘Chesterfield is already 100% Christian. I quit.’


The chances of everyone I spoke to that morning already loving God are really small, and I’m trying to work out what the Lord was telling me through it. I’ve concluded that He just wants me to know that He’s already here at work, He’s gone ahead of me; that I’m not on my own, not isolated.


In my next blog I’ll talk about a cool encounter I had with some Hare Krishna guys.


Let’s go, RK!