Church Where You Are

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Times are changing fast right now, and we’re doing our best to keep everyone in the loop! We would love to keep seeing growth in our church family through this time, growth in our faith, our relationships – with each other and with God - as well as our ability to adapt together. Here are a few things we’re doing to get this show on the road:

Sunday Church - Where you are!

You can tune in via our YouTube channel
Every Sunday at 10:30am we’ll be premiering the latest Bible teaching from our leadership team. You’ll be able to find links to this on our other social media platforms too


By keeping an eye on our platforms you’ll be able to catch video content, weekly devotionals, messages from Carl and others throughout the week. You can also make sure you’re signed up to our database for email updates on what’s going on, if that’s what you prefer!


Our worship leaders will be providing YouTube playlists every week, with some golden oldies, some of our favourite Sunday morning anthems, as well as some new songs. We might not be able to sing together physically, but God is still listening out for our Hallelujahs!
Click below to listen to this week's worship playlist

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Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Team is working hard to identify the people most in need in our church family and in our community right now, so we’re coordinating emergency support from RK HQ! If you, or someone near you are in need of help (someone to fetch prescriptions, shopping, a phone call to stave off the loneliness or a simple prayer) please do send us an email:

Home Groups

As the government guideline is to practice social distancing, we’re going to attempt to keep meeting online regularly. We’re looking into ways we can all connect together, and we encourage the homegroup leaders to keep in touch with their groups and find what will work best for you, where you are. We have identified a great app for Video Conferencing, called Zoom, which we think in this current climate will be a blessing! Zoom can be used on your laptop/pc (if you have a webcam installed), or you can download their free app on your smartphone or tablet. For those in our church family who currently don’t have the equipment for this, we are working on solutions, please do get in touch if you think you will struggle with this.

Group Life

The Men's group, Women's group, and 18-30s group are all being worked on as well. We have all sorts of ideas to keep us connected in a super safe way. We're thinking online quizzes, online baking classes, fitness/running/walking challenges etc. There is even plans for a virtual pub! More details will be revealed as plans develop. If you've been thinking of inviting a friend along to one of our events, you will still be able to do so!


Our evangelist Andy Kind is working on an online Alpha course among other things, which will entail watching a video in preparation, Andy will send out a list of questions and discussion points, and then you can engage in a 45-minute Zoom hangout where you can discuss it all. This would be a weekly thing, over 7 weeks. Again, if you know of anyone who might be interested in an Alpha course, there's no time like the present. Keep an eye out for more information, and get in touch if you want to sign up!

Our Kids Church leader, Chris Barnes as well as the Pulse team (for our year 6 + above youth group) are also working on online content we can share with our kids. It will be a mix of quizzes, puzzles, stories, crafts and challenges. Obviously, you can also share these with anyone you like, sharing is caring. Get in touch if you'd like to be included in the mailing list!
Click here to download this Sunday's Kid's Church activity guide

To sign up for emails, alpha course or to request more information, please email:

Finally, if you know of anyone in our congregation who currently isn't well connected online, please consider talking them through how to set social media and email accounts up. It's a learning curve for us all, but it's so important we try to capture as many people as we can to stave off the effects of the isolation, and we are working hard behind the scenes to make sure all bases are covered. We know this time is difficult for so many, but we do have a hope as an anchor for our souls, and we really want to see the grace and mercy and hope of Jesus flow through us – the body of Christ – into the community we live in.
Together, we can get through this.