Sunday Gathering

We love meeting together on a Sunday morning!
You’ll find a really warm welcome waiting for you.

The meetings start at 10.30am but people often turn up earlier at around 10.15am to grab a tea or coffee and catch up with each other before things start.
We always leave lots of time after for chatting together over a drink. We have normally all left the building by 1pm but the meetings usually finish by 12pm.

Here’s some FAQs for you so that if you're coming for the first time you'll know exactly what to expect:

Do you sing?

Yes we love to worship God. At Redeemer King our worship is vibrant and contemporary. You wont feel embarrassed at all if you don't know the songs because the atmosphere is really relaxed and most of the songs we sing are really easy to pick up. Mostly we stand to sing but you don't have to… sometimes you may just want to stay in your seat and spend time listening and thinking things through.

Is there a talk?

Every week someone will give a talk from the bible. We aim to teach the bible in a way that is energising, practical and relevant to daily life.

Do I have to dress smart?


At 7pm on the first Sunday of the month (except August & December)
we have encounter evenings at Outwood Academy Newbold. These evenings are opportunities for us as a church to set aside time to worship, pray, minister to one another and learn to walk in the power of God the Holy Spirit.

Connect Groups

At the heart of our church life are connect groups.
We love being together as a 'family' so there are always lots of different gatherings taking place that give us the opportunity to hang out together.

Connect groups meet weekly, to share life, eat food, support one another and study the Bible. Sometimes these groups meet at other times just to do fun stuff or to help each other out.


We have a youth group that meets round someone’s house every week on a Sunday evening from 6-8pm to hang out, eat pizza, chat stuff through, pray together and generally mess about.

If you are aged 13-18 then you’ll be really welcome to join in. We also plan stuff such as cinema trips, airsoft and bowling etc. Some of our youth are involved in leading local school Christian Unions, playing in the worship team, helping with tech and various other things. In other words, there’s lots to get involved in!