Membership at Birdholme WMC

Membership & FAQs

Birdholme Working Men’s Club need to hold a register of all their regular visitors due to licensing rules set by the Local Authority. The license allows non-members to use the club for a limited number of events each year, so our church meeting there every week would soon use up the ‘allowance’ of events granted to the club. However, members do not have such restrictions.

If you call RK your home church, we’d like to make you a member which then makes it easier for the club to hold more events for non-members across the community. We’ll arrange all this for you, but need your consent to share the details needed for the annual membership.

Non-members and visitors are able to visit up to 3 times before the club would ask them to become a member – so you won’t be asked to join on your first visit.

  • As a WMC, restrictions apply for the number of events that can be booked by non-members and is governed by the local authority. The WMC has to obtain an event license to hold such events which include christenings, private parties and indeed church meetings. This is something that applies to all non-members of the club. However, such regulations do not apply where events are booked and attended by members.
  • Any adults that are part of the church family who are likely to attend more than 3 times a year. Under 18s do not need to become members.

If you plan to attend on a regular or even sporadic basis, we are asking for your consent to pass on some basic personal details (name, address & DOB) in order to make you a member of Birdholme WMC.

Please speak to Rich Old or one of the team if you have any questions.

Simply talk to or email Rich Old () to say that you give your consent for RK to share your name, address and DOB with Birdholme WMC. This is required in order for you to become a member.

** If you have given your consent previously and continue to attend the church, there is no need to give consent again **

  • This is your name, address and date of birth.
  • RK and Birdholme WMC comply with GDPR and will treat your personal details confidentially and with respect.
  • Data will only be passed to the club on a printed sheet and will be stored in a file which is kept in a safe on-site.
  • The local authority is the only body that has the right to ask to see the WMC members list. Otherwise, nobody else will see the data until the end of the year, when it will be destroyed ready for the following years membership applications.
  • The WMC will not use your information to contact you.
  • Your data will not be passed on to any 3rd party and will not be put onto any mailing lists or used for advertising in any way.
  • If you are part of RK, we will cover the cost of your membership for you.
  • Membership costs £4 per year

Under 18’s do not need to be members but should be supervised at all times.

During our Sunday gatherings we have exclusive use of the building until 12noon and exclusive use of the main hall until 1pm.

One of the RK team can sign a guest in without them being a member – so newcomers or visitors don’t have to worry.

After 3 visits, the club ask that people become members. If new people join us and decide to come regularly, RK will cover the cost of their membership (they would need to be on the RK database).

Please talk to one of our team if you have any questions.

  • Joining our database is the easiest way to stay in touch and is the easiest way for us to manage your membership for you. Joining also helps us to know our church family, especially when it comes to support, Connect groups, planning etc. Sign up is quick and simple and can be done online here:
  • If this is because you are a member of another WMC, it could be that your existing membership is transferrable.
  • If you simply don’t want to become a member of a WMC you are of course welcome to attend up to 3 times in a year. Please speak to Rich Old or a member of the team if you want to attend beyond this.

While the club asks that we become members after 3 visits, we don’t want you to feel pressured into making a decision. Please talk to Rich Old or one of the RK Leadership team.

We would be very happy to make you a member while you take your time to decide if RK is right for you. There’s no pressure and no obligation – we want you to be comfortable in making the right choice.

  • Membership allows us all to use the facilities on a Sunday after church, so if you want to grab more refreshments and catch up with friends after the service, you can!
  • You will also be able to support the club by using it’s facilities from Wednesday to Monday evenings (afternoons on Saturday and Sundays). This includes the bar which serves a variety of very reasonably priced hot and cold beverages, snacks and sandwiches to order. There is also pool, snooker, darts and TV in one of the rooms or a more social meeting space in the main lounge area. There is an outdoor area for when the sun is shining too.
  • The club are very happy for us to use the venue to meet friends or have small meetings over a coffee – it one way we can support them as our hosts.
  • As a member, you would be eligible to hire the room for private functions.

No. As a rule don’t tend to give out membership cards, however should you specifically want one please talk to or contact Rich Old ().

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