About Alpha

Luchegorsk Alpha is a 10-week series of sessions that create space for people to come together in conversation about Christian faith, life and God. Each session looks at a different question around faith and is designed to begin a conversation.

http://recochiropractic.com/?p=1608 Join us for a relaxing evening of discussion (or just listen to what others have to say), following a light meal together and a chance to explore questions of life, faith and meaning.

Alpha is absolutely free to attend and everyone is warmly welcome to join us.

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What is covered over the 10 weeks?

  • Week 1 - Who is Jesus?
  • Week 2 - Why Did Jesus Die?
  • Week 3 - Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
  • Week 4 - The Bible: A Reliable Guide to God, Faith and Life?
  • Week 5 - What About Suffering?
  • Week 6 - Ties That Bind: Sin, Temptation and Addictions
  • Week 7 - God in Person: The Holy Spirit
  • Week 8 - What is Prayer?
  • Week 9 - What About the Church?
  • Week 10 - From Here to Eternity


"Alpha is a great way of getting answers to difficult questions and a great way to meet like-minded people"

— Suzanne

"I never thought that there could be plausible answers to the big questions in life, so I didn't waste time in giving them any serious thought. Alpha provided a 'safe' space to explore... and when I did, it transformed my life!"

— Rich