As a Church we exist to live out the compassionate life-changing message of Jesus Christ, to inspire our community with hope, and create meaningful, supportive relationships at the heart of Birdholme and beyond.

The OpenTable is a weekly Community Supper Club which Redeemer King runs in supportive partnership with Gussie’s Community. 


The goal of OpenTable is to create a relaxed and supportive social eating experience for our local community with meals imaginatively crafted and creatively presented as reflected in Chesterfield’s restaurant culture. Our aim is to provide an inspirational experience of social eating which feeds relationships as well as appetite.

As the name suggests, everyone is welcome.


On Wednesday’s, the crew of OpenTable will be serving a seasonal main meal and dessert created for children and adults from 4:30pm in the afternoon until 6:00pm early evening.

Meals will be served at our home at Birdholme Working Men’s Club on Rothervale Road which has a long history of being at the heart of the local community life.

You are warmly welcomed to come and join us for the experience of a meal shared together with friends new and long known.

*note: While we operate most weeks, there are occasions when we take a short break. See our ‘What’s on‘ page for the dates that we operate.

We are thankful to all of our wonderful supporters