Hi There!

how to order prednisone We’re really glad you’re thinking of visiting us. You’ll find the atmosphere at Redeemer King is relaxed, informal and not traditionally churchy. Nothing is required of you – we’re just so pleased you’re here.

First visit?

Villeta Be assured that you won’t be alone in visiting. Nearly every week we have visitors dropping in for the first time. If it’s your first time with us, you can expect to be given a small welcome pack with some useful goodies on arrival – including chocolate!

Sunday Welcome

Luena Just look for someone wearing an RK Connect team T-shirt and they will point you in the right direction (and make sure you get a brew)!

What’s the format?

People start arriving from 10:00am to grab a brew and have a natter.

At 10:30am the worship band will kick us off with a few songs, a mix of traditional and more contemporary worship.

Around 11:00am the day’s speaker will get up and talk for about 30 minutes, either on a Bible passage or a relevant theme. Running at the same time as the adult church is our Kids Church.

The morning ends around midday, after which there’s plenty of time for more tea, coffee and a chance to make new friends.

Sometimes there may be communion, baptisms, or baby dedications, or an interview as part of the service. We try to explain clearly what’s going on, especially for people who are new to church.

Sundays FAQs

Do I have to be a Christian?

No. Many people come to RK to explore faith and often come for quite a while, learning more about Jesus before they are ready to commit their lives to him. We love exploring life and faith with people. You are massively welcome!

Is there a Dress Code?

Absolutely not! Wear what you like. Some people will be really smart and some super casual. Come as you are most comfortable. Most people standing at the front will be casually dressed.

Is there parking?

Parking is extremely limited on-site but there is plenty of on-street parking nearby.

Can I get a drink?

Of course! It’s self-service tea and coffee all through the morning. Some people use the excuse of the kids leaving for their groups to grab a cheeky brew!

Should I let someone know I’m coming?

We currently need to ‘ticket’ our Sunday gatherings dues to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions – You can book in by selecting the date you’d like to attend here: https://redeemerking.com/events/

If you have any specific questions or concerns though, you can email our amazing coordinator Rich – info@redeemerking.com ahead of your visit.

Is there anything else I need to know?

After our morning services we’d love to  get to know a bit more about you. Of course, if you want to stay ‘anonymous’, that’s fine, but we would be delighted to meet you.