Equipping Christians to thoughtfully navigate the borderlands between Church and the landscape of today.

Our Life Untangled course usually runs over a few weeks in a block with the occasional one-off evening dedicated to a specific area. We’ll delve into a different subject with a 20 minute-or-so talk, followed by the chance to explore further, think about other angles and ask questions which we hope will help us to apply our faith to 21st century living.

Each session will be relaxed and informal, giving you the space to take part or just sit back and absorb the conversation. Either way, there’ll be plenty of food for thought.

Life Untangled. Real World Apologetics for Life Today.

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Courses will normally run from 7.30pm until approximately 9pm. Here’s how it typically looks:

  • Week 1 - Objection, your honour!
  • Week 2 - Dancing in Muddy Puddles
  • Week 3 - The New and Improved Me?
  • Week 4 - Don’t Diss My Crew!
  • Week 5 - Do You Believe in Life After Love?
  • Week 6 - Walking on Broken Glass
  • Week 7 - Whose Lie is it Anyway?