Chris van D'Arque

Chris van D'Arque

Senior Church Leader

So, I’m married to Jess. We met while both working with children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS, and people are at the heart of our whole shared life together.

I love the relaxed, adventurous spirit of Redeemer King, and it’s an enjoyable privilege to share in the leadership of this bunch of God’s people. We don’t have everything sorted, but we’re learning as we go – and we’re definitely going places!

Church is all about people, it’s where Christian faith and life experience have a conversation. But what happens next is what makes church meaningful. I love that Redeemer King is a place where people from all walks of life can find a welcoming space for themselves and make sense of life, but I equally love that we’re out in our community too, working together to make the difference we long to see in this place where God has placed us and we call home.

I love being outdoors and messing about in wild water. I’m a passionate foodie – and food plays quite a big part in pretty much everything we get up to as a church family!