About our values: Compassion

Compassion is an act of self-giving; to have compassion is to act with purpose in unity with those who suffer as an act of rescue, restoration and renewal. Compassion is the practice of intelligent kindness, investing a quality of insightful care that nurtures the possibility of transformation and new wholeness, and enriching the experience of life of those we touch with hope and dignity in Jesus’ name.

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About our values: Humility

The practice of humility is the act of self-awareness in partnership with purposeful discipleship. Reflecting the example of Jesus, humility is by nature attractive and gentle in character; considerate of others and watchful for what makes for peace; thoughtful in witness and intentional in using talents and skills in the purposeful service of God’s peaceable kingdom.

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About our values: Audacity

From the beginning Christian faith has been in purposeful dialogue with the ways and values of the world through each generation, speaking of God’s loving purposes and reaching out with his offer of life in all its extraordinary fullness. Jesus transformed the lives of those he touched through his words and actions, and we are faithful in his commission to change our world one life at a time with the hope, grace and joy of knowing Jesus.

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About our values: Authenticity

Christian faith is the journey of many lifetimes and generations, and we continue to tread this enduring pathway as our own personal encounter with Jesus is woven within the story of God’s people today. We are genuine in our friendship with God and each other, open-hearted in our welcome and love for our neighbours, vibrant in our worship, curious in our learning and committed to growing in our faith and living out the experience of God’s presence in every season of our lives.

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