About the Discipleship Course

Disciple just means ‘apprentice’.  The Discipleship Course is for those people who have made a choice to follow Jesus but want to learn how to do that more effectively.

It’s ideal for new Christians (especially those who have just completed Alpha) BUT also for those who have walked with Jesus a little longer who want to know how to talk about Him, approach Him and follow Him.

Using the book ‘Amazing’ by Eric Delve (supplied as part of the course), The Discipleship Course will help people make that step from being a ‘believer’ to a ‘follower’.

The course will look at a number of subjects which include:

  • Praying & listening to God
  • Being honest about failure
  • Standing for Jesus
  • Talking about your faith

The course runs over 9 sessions, usually on Thursdays 7:45-9:00pm. For more info please contact us: