Amy Duffy

Amy Duffy


Amy organises the 18-30s events at Redeemer King with Sophie.

Amy is a child protection social worker and also a team leader at a homeless provision in Derby. She is a proud cat mum and loves spending time with her two Godchildren. Amy loves to travel and tries to visit as many new places as possible and is passionate about making church accessible to all.

Through the 18-30’s events, both Amy and Sophie want to provide a safe and welcoming place, where people feel able to bring their non-Christian friends. They aim to be a group of prayerful young people, who support each other through the ups and downs of daily life. To achieve this vision, we have planned a number of social events which will be accessible to all, as well as termly bible studies and prayer groups.

If you’re in the 18-30s(ish) age bracket, we would love to see you.