Rich Old

Rich Old

Operations Manager

Hi there, I’m Rich, RK’s Operations Manager since September 2019. I have a wonderful wife, Marie and we are blessed with 2 growing-up kids!

Nobody was more surprised than me when I became a Christian in April 2017. Jesus changed my life and since ‘that’ encounter I knew my place was to be somehow serving in God’s kingdom. I never saw myself working for a church at all, but know that God called me to be at Redeemer King.

I love that Redeemer King is intentionally based in the heart of a community and meets in a working men’s club – I believe that it changes some of the misconceptions about church and what being a Christian is all about. Before I stepped into a church, I had so many ideas about what happens inside – most of which were wrong!

I certainly don’t have all of the answers about the Christian faith, but that’s part of the adventure of following Jesus.